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What We Stand For

Awarua Working Group (AWG) has been set up to develop, drive and monitor the programme of work involving the closure of the Tiwai smelter and site remediation is being undertaken by Te Rūnaka o Awarua.

Awarua Rūnaka wants to ensure there is a continuation of a social and cultural lens taken when a successful remediation of Tiwai Point is described for our future generations.

This looks like a safe continuation and enhancement of the activities undertaken – past, present, and future – with a level of confidence that these activities are safe (fishing, mahinga kai).

This site is not just an industrial site, but a site used for social and cultural purposes which extends to the surrounding land and sea.

The AWG has developed a remediation strategy to deliver successful remediation of Tiwai Point. The four core goals are as follows:

  • Goal 1: Preserve the past

  • Goal 2: Safely continue present activities

  • Goal 3: Preparation and readiness for future use

  • Goal 4: Enduring partnerships